Monday, October 25, 2010

the Weekly Womb Returns!!!- Week 12

Wow, wow and wowzers! I knew I missed my little ranting, weekly tyraid of complaining, marveling, and in-awing at the joys and not such joys of pregnancy. I just didn't know I missed it SO much that........... I would go and get knocked up again! Apparently, the latter is true. As you saw by my big announcement last week.

Yes, #3 has made his or her arrival into my womb just a few years earlier than we had planned. Which really, after the complete shock wore off I found to be a brilliant idea. Finish up my childbearing years before I'm 30. Slap a CLOSED sticker on my womb, and we can call it good! Our family of 5- COMPLETE.

But really, all joking aside, we really are more thrilled than I can type. The thought of holding a newborn baby in our arms once again couldn't sound more amazing. God's plans are just always way cooler than our own.

On the baby. Baby is brewing quite nicely so far. We had our first appointment and heard his or her heartbeat. That was quite a circus I tell you! Going to the OB doc for your appointment and "exam" can be really complicated with your 3 and 1 year old in tow. Luckily, or not, we had a nurse who volunteered to come in and hold Chase during my "exam". Chase screamed the whole time and Leighton tried to peek around the curtain! (Is this real?) And then, to make matters even more awesome, another nurse knocked on the door. The doctor and the nurse that was currently in there said, "no, go away", because we were "mid-exam" if you know what I mean. Well, the nurse on the other-side of the door took this as "join the party" and walks in with some papers. So there I am. In THAT position. With my doctor, my two little boys who thankfully won't remember a thing, the extra nurse AND yet another nurse! Now that was a neat moment. Heck, just send em all in. Anyone bored out there? Anyone in the waiting room want to join us? But whatever, at this point, all modesty goes out the window right. Send in some students while your at it!

The baby is the size of a lime this week and is gettin busy making urine and all kinds of sweet body functions. The baby's limbs are getting bigger and stronger and there is quite a bit of motion going on in there. I haven't felt anything yet, of course, but this is a bit early I think. So, there's nothing to it. Just brew up a baby and we are good to go!

I wish it were that easy. Of course I am battling nausea throughout the day but it does seem to be getting a bit better. I am also battling constant hunger which for some reason my mind thinks will help the nausea but it never does. But yet, I keep on trying. Derrick is pretty sure that we are going to have a gigantic baby at the rate I'm going.

Now, without further adou, I give you Shannon's Top 3 signs for which she should have known she was pregnant!

1. You get voraciously hungry every two hours, on the hour and nothing will stop you until you find FOOD>

2. When you walk out of the grocery store with a cart full of groceries and two kids, eating a deep fried chicken leg from the might be pregnant.

3. When you stop at the gas station to pick up crackers for the crockpot full of chili waiting at home, at suppertime, and you walk out with a deep fried slab of hamburger as your might be pregnant. (by the way, it's called fleishkeikla and it's Uh-mazing!)

Well, I think that about covers our first installment of the Weekly Womb. I can't wait to find out what my little citrus fruit/common mexican dish ingredient will be next week.

Wait.....did someone just say Mexican? That can only mean one thing. Tacos for breakfast baby!


Heather said...

Congratulations Shannon!! I am SO excited for you and Derrick, and the boys of course! This blog post had me laughing out loud-love it!!

Michelle H. said...

Congrats again!! I remember our shock when finding out I was pregnant with're right, once the shock wears off...the excitement begins and I know I never felt confident putting the closed sign on my womb until he came along...he made us complete. :)

Shannon Joy said...

yes, i know. i will wait to be holding that little bundle before i put the "closed" sign on order! :) thanks guys-it just stinks that pregnancy lasts so long because i want that baby NOW!!!!!!

Joyful Living said...

Congrats Shannon!!! How fun!

Lindsay said...

Oh - I've forgotten about your Weekly Womb - and I'm glad it's back!!