Thursday, October 21, 2010

15 months

It doesn't seem like 15 months ago, I had posted Chase's first photo shoot, by Mommy, seen HERE.

And one night, a week or so ago, he had fallen fast asleep in the car so I hurried him down to his room to change into his jammies. Alas, my kids are going to bed and I can get something done! As I turned around with his jammies in my hand and saw him laying on his brothers bed, in just his diaper all scrunched up like that little newborn 15 months ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks.

It's so true that we all say "enjoy it because it goes so fast". It does go by fast! And sometimes when I am so busy thinking of this and doing that and trying to get "it all done", I just let it go by. But, this night, I got lucky. For a few moments I got to enjoy the beauty of my sleeping boy, almost like it was the first time I watched him sleep. Pure innocence. Pure joy.

Wow, to describe Chase at 15 months is not an easy task. Chase is so sweet-as you see above but he is so much more than that. He is determined and proud of himself and just plain silly. He makes us laugh a lot! When he starts talking in sentences, I can about imagine what he will come up with. Speaking of talking, he is starting to come along in the language department. Some of his words include: sit, sock, dad, mom, up, pup (for cup), foot, and he sticks his tongue out to say Maverick. He gets up and down the stairs very well and can get up on the couch by himself now. Him and Leighton do a lot of wrestling which is pretty cute, until Leighton body-slams him or something. Then it's not so cute anymore. When those two finally hug and kiss, it's pretty much sweeter than my favorite frosting. And Maverick. Chase adores Maverick and is constantly hugging him and laying all over Maverick's big fluffy body and trying to kiss his nose. Of course, Maverick takes a beating from Chase from time to time to but nothing that he isn't used to by now. Being a large, docile dog among 3 and 1 year old boys can be an unforgiving position to hold. One of my favorite things that Chase does these days is hug and kiss you like there's no tomorrow. Just like we should all do, right! It just melts my little mommy heart.

That about covers 15 months. I will leave with another series of photos of Chase enjoying mommy's apple and even sharing with his big brother.

I love you my little Chase. You are as sweet as APPLE pie.


Elizabeth B said...

those pics are so precious Shannon! I really love the ones where he is sleeping! The color is beautiful and so cozy and warm looking! Makes me want to just snuggle up with him!

Shannon Joy said...

thanks Liz! I really look at those photos of him sleeping
and think that i will cherish those so much! there was just something about that moment that was so special. i'm so glad i ran upstairs and got my camera! :)

Cassie said...

The first set brought me to tears and the second set made me realize how big our babies are getting! He looks so much older than last time i saw him!! I can't wait to see you guys in a few days!!