Monday, September 13, 2010

First it was Usual, then it got weird.

Usually, Leighton chooses to have his nap time or quiet time in our bed. Not always but mostly. And later that night, when I finally go to bed, I usually find several of his books somewhere in the sheets of our bed. It's just not that rare and I'm sorta used to it.

And it's never a rare occasion to see our 75lb GoldenDoodle curled up on our bed because he mistakenly thinks that he is 7 point 5 lb GoldenDoodle. And that there is in fact a spot for him on our bed.

There isn't Maverick. There isn't.

But....regardless of our hopes and dreams, Maverick typically ends up sprawled out, spread out, what have you, in our bed.

Day or night. Go ahead, Maverick, make yourself comfortable. I'm sure no one will notice when you shift your huge rump. (certainly not my shins!) Ahem....I digress.

It's also not terribly unusual to have the "quiet time" morph itself into an unintended nap time. As a result, it is not unusual to see this little punk all hunkered down, holding his books, snuggly in our bed. He's pretty cute so I really don't mind. Usually.


however, finding a big, yellow, blow-up lion hunkered down with the two of them in my bed, is where things cross the line and turn downright weird.

Weird.weird.weird. I tell you.

And that my friends, is when I turn around, tip-toe out of the room and go back to my work pretending that THAT there is not a huge, yellow blow-up lion in my bed.

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