Tuesday, September 21, 2010

14 Months

Chase, at 14 months you are quite a little treat! And you enjoy eating lots of lots of treats! While I was once worried about your picky eating habits, you now spend half your days digging in our Lazy Susan for whatever you can get your hands on. This weekend you had a love affair with bologna and polished off an entire container in just a few short days. I won't be buying that stuff anymore and made the switch back to it's healthier counterpart, deli turkey. So far, you like it, as long as it is rolled up. You don't have a ton of words at this point but you are really really good at saying "sit" to Maverick. You even do the fist to chest sign that we show Maverick. You put your fist up in your neck roll but that's pretty close and Maverick still gets it. You have started to help with the dishes and really like to mop with me. You enjoy coloring-for about 2 minutes. Then you enjoy throwing all your markers on the floor. One of your favorite game is sitting on mommy or daddy's tummy and riding us like a horsey.When we are outside, your favorite activity is digging in what is left of mommy's little walk-way flower garden. You usually come out with a mouth-full of dirt at the end. You keep up with Leighton really well, despite his "accidentally" pushing you down most chances he gets. Usually you just scream at him a bit and move on to the next activity.

On Maverick. Well, that's usually where you are. Sitting on him, riding on him, or laying on him. Honestly honey, I don't know if Maverick really cares for you all that much. Mainly because you frequently pull his ears, pokes his eyes and bite his back.I do try my hardest to play referee. On the other hand though, he really REALLY loves you because you can almost bet that 1/2 of any food that goes in your hands, gets dropped into his patiently waiting chops.

On Leighton. You two are such a sweet and salty little pair. On the sweet part. The other night, I told you to give Leighton and hug and you just started attacking him with huge baby bear hugs and sloppy open mouthed kisses. And you both just rolled around for what felt like ever. And my heart was totally full at that moment. I will always remember that moment.
On the salty part. Well all I can say is you two have your fair share of disputes over toys, sippy cups and the tv remote.

On Me. You don't always like me when I have to limit you at 3 pieces of bologna. You don't like it when I "attempt" to teach you about time-out. You actually sort of get it and when I threaten it, you take yourself over there, sit down and point at me. I'm sure you have seen this scenario played out numerous times with a mischievous little 3 year old. But, when I am not busy wearing the "because I said so" hat, we have so much fun together. You love it when I sing the "if your happy and you know it song". You love cuddling every once in a great while. And I eat up every moment of it.

On Daddy. Boy ,are you are a daddy's boy! When he walks in the door, I swear you are going to have a heart-attack of excitement. As of late, he has taught you and Leighton to do the football stance and say all kinds of crazy things like, "blue 42" "puppydog" "woof woof" and you run right in between them trying to tackle them both. You really do prefer him over me in most cases and that's fine. You'll convert back to me at some point. Remember, I know where the bologna is hidden.......
But, really , it's adorable how much you just flat out adore him. I love watching that.

And this my little buddy, is what I captured of your dance skills at 14 months.

And here is the conclusion of your dance moves. Bologna in one hand. A microphone in the other.

I love you bud. Bologna dancing and all.


Grampa H said...

Chase is learning and doing so much now. Glad to hear he is eating while. We miss all of you very much and a couple of weeks gets to be too long to see all of you much less longer periods. Miss you and think of you all daily. Tell the boys Hi and how much we love and miss them. Please give them our hugs and kisses. Grampa and Gramma H

Shannon Joy said...

We sure will Gma and Gpa!

Lindsay said...

Um, so when did he turn so blonde?! Oh my - I almost couldn't tell that was him on his daddy's back - he looked like big brother!

Oh, and I love to see L picking up "something" on the floor in that first video - love it!

Shannon Joy said...

He got a bit sun bleached. I think he'll brown up again this fall-I hope! And yes, Leighton was picking up bologna off the floor. And yes, when he said his pee pee was cold and I'm guessing that's because he was putting it in his underware-can you say WEIRD!!!!!