Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Soul Sister


I can't believe that 29 summers ago you and I would first meet as newborns. The summer of 1981 was a good one for the world, don't you think! Who would have ever thought that you and me would not only be double-cousins but MOST BEST friends. Sisters basically. Soul Sisters actually. Soul Sisters who don't fight like regular sisters. Well.....not now anyway.

Remember when we were 10 and got in a huge fight over the game War. Whether the cards in the discard pile should be facing up or down. (I still think down by the way!) That fight led to some nasty hair-pulling I believe.

And then there was the fight at 12 that started in your sister's car over 2 pennies of change from a trip to K-mart. That one ended in some serious name-calling. Yes, over 2 pennies.

Although we had a few fights, what I love most about you and our friendship is that we can't stop laughing when we are together. It started in church when we were little and we would get in trouble for giggling. But who could control the giggling when we were giggling about Grandma Carrie farting through her coughs during the service.

That continued to our college years. Not the farting part. Ok, who am I kidding, the farting has continued. But just in our apartment that we shared.

The laughter continued when we would sit in Ginther's class and still couldn't control our giggling. Even as supposed mature collegians. How much more fun was class when we were trying to hold back our laughter.

Cass, Happy Birthday. I hope you know how thankful I am that you were born. And how thankful I am that we have gone through each stage of life together. Laughing all the way.

And now, in our present stage,I am so proud of you as a Mom. I love that we are raising our babies at the same time and I cherish whenever we can get together. So, as a tribute to you being a mom and to our friendship I whipped up this little video of our beautiful babies playing together during our last trip to see you guys. The only sad news is you are not in the video! But, I'm sure you are happy about that since you hate when I post pictures of you.

Happy Birthday Soul Sister. I love you very much!


Leslie said...

Love the fun stories!! I can just picture you two sitting in church or class giggling:) Cute post!

cassie said...

that was sooooo sweet...tear!! reading that brought me back to those two fight...good memories! thanks for taking so much time to put that awesome video and post together. you are the best friend anyone could ever have....i am so lucky!!!

Shannon Joy said...

awww shucks cassie. no....YOUR the best! ;) p.s. i will upload all those photos into your mpix or send you a smugmug gallery.whichever you would prefer.