Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Do Bugs

So the bug hit. And it hit HARD. I wish I was talking about the huge ones that splat on your windshield and almost scare you off the road. No, no, no. How I wish that's what kind of bug this was. This was the big, bad, nasty, send us running to the bathroom, you don't want this BUG!

It started with Chase on early Thursday morning and inflicted it's way through Derrick and yours truly. Derrick and I had never been hit with a flu at the EXACT same time. In other cases we've had about a 12 hour window where the still healthy one could take care of the kids. This time we were both rendered nearly unconscious from vomiting and well, er, you know.

How did the kids do with semi-unconscious parents? Well, luckily, Leighton is smart and knows how to get his own food. There was no way I was gonna be making him peanut butter toast in my condition. And of course he watched a lot of TV.

And Chase, well, luckily by the time we were hit he was recovering enough that he was able to crawl around the living room while mommy and daddy moaned and groaned in misery.

My goal again this weekend was to keep them both injury free and we did that! So hats off to us! Nasty bug and all.

On the bright side, we have some great friends. First of all, the night before the BUG hit, Derrick and our friend/neighbor, Steve and his friend/contractor man helped Derrick dig out and stake the area for our new shed that was going up this
weekend. So, they got all that done and planned to start on Friday afternoon with preparing for and pouring the concrete, as well as helping the friend/contractor man dig out his spot in his yard for his new shed. Are you with me still? Good.

So, once Derrick was rendered helpless on Friday morning, he told Steve (our great friend/neighbor) that we would not be able to do the work on Friday. So, you know what they did? They just went on and it did for him, without him! Isn't that nice! So, we have a spot pretty much ready to go now. Thanks to wonderful people like Steve and his friend.

So then, I called another good friend who lives in the area and asked if they could do us a huge-ginormous favor and drop off a few things from the store. Things such as gatorade, chicken noodle soup,saltines, and for Derrick, a party pizza. Yes, I know that sounds odd that one would eat a party pizza while sick but he pretty much eats it after the vomiting has stopped. Still gross if you ask me but you didn't ask me. And neither did he. So, our good friends went out of their way on Friday night to pick up those items and do a door-step drop-off. As I suggested not entering the premises. Danger.
Danger. Danger.

And then today, my lovely sister-in-law dropped off some milk, movies and M&M's for our non-sick immunity iron-horse of a child, Leigthon. Again, we are lucky.

So, thank you to all our wonderful friends and family! We will be back in action soon. Maybe one more day of recovery and then we are off to the races again. Until then.....Don't Do Bugs!

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