Monday, May 17, 2010

little Boys, Big Love and a Latte #8

Honey just so you know you were missed....

and when you are gone for 4 days, not only do I keep your children alive and injury free, I totally, totally spike their hair into super awesome faux-hawks every day!

So, onto my super lazy lBBl&l column. As if i have time to be writing columns these days. Or editing my own pictures for that matter. Which I totally love to do.

And so when I am not slaving away at the computer editing client photos, making orders, re-designing blogs and websites, blogging, ordering boxes and pretty packaging, packaging pretty boxes, shipping pretty boxes in said pretty packaging, learning,researching, drooling over new camera equpment, answering emails.....and never, never never wasting time on Facebook...... When I'm not doing those things, and I have some free time, guess what I am probably doing? Editing my own pictures and doing my own blog!

Mind you the above stated only happens during rare napping and bedtime opportunities. In the meantime, aside from trying to keep my children alive, playing with them and maybe even educating them a bit, I am sometimes cleaning up messes of spilled dog food mixed with baby shampoo-thank you for that one, Chaseroo! Or trying to reason with Leighton that he does know when he's gonna poop.

How do I know that he knows this he might ask?

I know this because on Saturday you went behind the chair and looked at me kinda funny. And when I came to get you and tell you to sit on the potty you said you didn't have to go and that you wanted to go look at books downstairs. And when we got on the stairs you told me to go ahead of you (I didn't make sense to me until later what you were doing!). And so I ran down the stairs with Chase, flying him onto your bed. And that was fun. But you took your time. For a reason. Oh and little by little you made your way down. But you were walking funny. Most of us walk funny with poop in our pants! So, yes, my little pumpernickle pie, yes, you do know when you are gonna poop.

As if all of that wasn't enough doesn't have my head spinning. I told you in a recent post about this dang FlyLady who thinks she knows how to keep a house clean and super duper awesomely organized. So I am trying to follow her dang rules and learn a bit of a better cleaning/organization system. The good news is, my sink is very shiny a lot! The bad news is, I'm afraid to open up my next assignment!

Now after all that, I need to go get a Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha Latte. Thank you very much. Ca-ching.

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