Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paul Bunyon doesn't wear pants either!!!!

Because everyone needs a hump-day pick-me-up.

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On a funny side-note:

Just a few minutes ago, I was sititng in the chair giving chase a bottle. Still in my pajamas, not wearing a bra yet.
Leighton had just pooped his pants and I had cleaned him off in the bathroom.
So, once again, he was running around the house in only his birthday suit with a t-shirt.

The doorbell rang.

Now, I could just ignore it. Because, I was not wearing a bra. I used to ignore doorbells when I was nursing. Really, who wants to answer the door with a baby hooked on your boob?

What if it's Ed McMan with the Prize Patrol?! I've seen some of those commericals and I don't want to be "that lady".

But....Leighton spoiled it for me by running over to the gate. The gate which was in plain veiw from the window-filled storm-door.

So, I figured I better go see who it was. Being my darling two year old was standing there with his ya-hooooo hanging out staring at the person.

I opened the door and to my suprise it was Paul Bunyon.

Yes, that's right. It was Paul Bunyon! Not quite how I pictured him though. This guy was in his sixties and more round and jovial and friendly than I remember the storybook character.

So, fittingly enough Paul Bunyon deals with trees and it just so happens my husband had asked him to come over and check out one of our trees in the backyard.

So, he was just letting me know that he was going to be in the backyard.

Ok cool.

Then I chuckled and said, "yeah, we are potty training, sorry about my little guy running around with just a t-shirt and a no pants or underware.

He then said, "oh don't worry, that's how I run around at home too!"

So, there you have it people. I got to meet Paul Bunyon today. And he doesn't wear pants either! Now I don't feel so bad.


Anonymous said...

What a happy and bubbly guy Chase is. He is sounding more like his brother with that laugh.

Shannon Joy said...

yes he sure is! Derrick and I decided we are gonna keep him! Haaaaa.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness THAT'S heeelarious! I answered the door the other day while nursing....the guy says "I see you've got a little one under there" to which I should have said, "yes, yes I do....good thing you don't know what she's doing under there!" Oh well....that's what people get for just stopping by! :-)