Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who's Plate...rather Platter is this?

So, Derrick and I decided to put our house on the market. Just see what would happen. Lots of people have asked us where we are moving.

That's a fine question. And it deserves a fine answer.

Sadly, we don't have one. We aren't at that step yet.

Instead, today, we are at the step where we go through our house and either throw, box up or re-organize everything. To get 'er ready for a proper showing.

Things that haven't been used and don't have a logical place are likely to be thrown. Real likely.
We have grown to love throwing things away. It took my husband a while to join me on the dark side but he has finally made it over. For that, I am proud.

You know how they say, "one persons trash is another person's treasure?"

Not in my house baby!

Because if you say that and then just keep keeping it in your house it becomes something like this:

"You know my trash, that "could" be another person's treasure? Well, it is still sitting in my house being trash. So that makes it trash still. Even though another person might like it. I don't. And it's here. So it's trash. And I don't see many treasure hunters scouring around my house lately. If they were, I would welcome them. But they aren't. And do you really think I'm going to bring this tupperware lid that doesn't have it's bowl companion to the thrift store? No. So, it continues to be trash. Trash that takes up space. Space that we need for other non-trashalific things. "

Phew. Ok, now that I got that off my chest, we can move on.

And there is a reason to move on. I promise.

You see, sometimes, just sometimes. Things don't fit into the beautifully crafted and planned categories we made for them. Sometimes there is a gray area. Here's the gray area.

We found a plate. Rather, a platter.

Quite a lovely plate, rather platter. I must say. Just lovely.

Not so lovely, however, that I would put it in the box up or re-organize category. Really, I'd prefer to place it in the trash category. However, I try to keep a hard and fast rule that I don't put other people's possesions in my trash category. Sure, it's trash to me and it may very well be trash to them. Especially if we've had the darn thing for about 5 years and no one has come calling for it. But still, maybe they forgot. Maybe they thought they lost it.

So, I'm offering this post as a plea to it's rightful owner to come forward and reclaim your possession. Even if you don't want it. That's cool. I totally understand. Totally. We will be happy to take care of it for you. By placing it in the trash category. However, mabye you love it and want it back. We can lovingly wrap it in bubble paper and mail it to you. No questions asked.

So, if you are out there. And this pattern looks familiar.

It is a fine pattern indeed. Just let us know either way what we should do with it. Post a comment on my blog. Post a message on Facebook. Send me an email. Call us. Or even stop over and take 'er home where she belongs. Anything will do.

Until then. We will wait. For her rightful owner to stop forward out of the darkness and re-claim this lovely plate. Rather platter. Here is me. Waiting. And trying to remember who it might belong to.

Have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. if you have any house showing tips, please do tell!


Lindsay said...


1) That's not my plate. Sorry :-)

2) You may find this strange of me to ask - but we live by the river and would like to NOT live by the river.I'm sure you can guess why. But we love our house. But we're always looking. Make sense? Anywho - where r u located? # bedrooms? any other pertitent ifo would be helpful. And of course you can just email me instead of telling the whole WORLD where you currently live. :-)

Thanks! (oh and Michelle can tell you I'm not a stalker if I just scared you. Promise. :-0)

Shannon Joy said...

1. Bummer it's not your plate!
2. We are on the far west west part of town if you know what I mean. Totally safe from the River. I will email you info.
3. No-I don't think you are a stalker! I think you are awesome for commenting on my blog! :)

Lindsay and everyone-When you look at the pics on my blog here, do you see a blue tint? On my MAC the colors look smashing/great/fabulous. On my hubby's work computer and our laptop PC they look like bunk! Feedback please. Like the ones of Leighton in the snow and Maverick running. Are they bluish to all you PC users?

Heidi said...

It's not my plate either. But I do think you're cute. And funny. And while I don't think you should live too close to the river, coming over closer to my neck of the woods would be stellar!!

Lindsay said...

Nope - no blue tint here! thanks for the info on the distance to the river. We are, um, FIVE houses in from the river. Joy.

Michelle said...

Not my platter either. You sure look skinny in that picture. No blue tint on my computer either. Someday I am gonna send you some money. I am a horrible, horrible cousin.

Shannon Joy said...

Whatever Michelle! You are not horrible and there is no need to send me money! NO NEED!