Friday, February 12, 2010

Toodles Winter, Toodles

Even thought I totally totally TOTALLY hate winter this year......even I can admit it. Sometimes it's kinda cute and even cool looking.

Like here: cute.

Or here: cool looking.

So sometimes, even the biggest winter scrooges of all can admit it. Winter can be cute and even kinda cool looking.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a MINUTE!!!!

It might not actually be winter providing all the cuteness and cool lookin-ness!!!!

By golly, it's not! It's my children and Goldendoodle doing all the work on that one.

Sorry Winter, it's back to the dog house for you!

As for the rest of you...

.....come back for more really cool photos from this day.

...coming soon to a blog near you. like this one. to be exact.

And as Mickey would say on Leighton's Mickey Mouse Club House.....Tooooddles. (ok, he would say, "oh, toodles" but just plain toodles sounded better to me. Let's try it again and see.


Yep, I like it.

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Shannon Joy said...

just for the record, i'm reading this post almost 2 years later, that i, myself, made and all i can say is: