Thursday, January 28, 2010


I wanted to brighten your day today! And you can't watch this and not end up laughing. Thus, your day being more bright. You can thank me later.

Wow, what a goofball my big boy is! So, that video was taken by Grandpa Darrel who spent more than a week with us recently. He was so kind to come
and play with the boys while I was workin away on all of my latest and greatest adventures with MiraBella Photography.

This was what happened while I was away at the library working. Grandpa said I wasn't supposed to see this video!
One word Grandpa: BUSTED!


Heidi said...

These both crack me up!! Oh Grandpa!! Good thing the MAC wasn't sitting there. Leighton is so silly!

Shannon Joy said...

oh yes! there is a new rule in our house! no throwing balls, toys, ect. on the upper floor! we must protect that MAC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at this emo boy hair over this blog: