Wednesday, December 2, 2009

4 Months

My sweet little Chase turned 4 months many days ago and I'm finally getting to his post here. MiraBella is dominating most of my internet time these days so I have fallen a little behind with the home blog. Rest assured, the post has arrived!

Chase: At four months you are one of the two cutest four month olds on the planet! Leighton, of course, was the other cutest four month old on the planet. That's a pretty high honor for both of you. Voted on and decided by your mother of course.

You are such a funny little boy these days. You thinks it's really funny when I pull your shirts over your head. Either way is funny to you. Putting them off. Or putting them on pretty much breaks you up in laughter. You are starting to roll over again. You were doing this when you were really little before you got some junk in your trunk. Now it's a little harder but you can manage if you get ticked enough. You sleep pretty good at night just coming into bed to eat one time per night. But then you usually prefer to stay there. Leighton still hasn't caused any serious injuries for you so that is a huge victory! Although he has pushed his large plastic dump-truck off the couch on top of you. You were none too impressed with this maneuveur but you recovered quickly once I swooped in. You are getting lots and lots of rolls. And that always earns you extra points in the cuteness scale. You better enjoy it now becuase it won't always be so cute. Take it from one who knows. A recent new developmental stage you have hit is the screaming stage. Not like a cry, but really a scream. You mainly just do it if we put you down and walk away. This, you are not a fan of. Oh and speaking of screaming, you also scare easily with loud noises. We try to keep those to a minimum for you because your squished up little scared face and pouty lip (although extremely adorable) is just too sad for us to allow. Well, bud, we really love having you around. You're a pretty easy baby and I'm the luckiest momma on the planet. Here you are at 4 months...or so.

And here is your big brother at 28 months or so. He's pretty cute too. Sometimes naughty, but mostly just really funny. Like when we were decorating the Christmas tree the other day. He brought me an ornament and said, "Mom, you can do it, I'm busy."


Lindsay said...

Happy 4 months little one! And I might say he's looking a LOT like his big brother these days!!

Glad you're getting to feeling better!

Shannon Joy said...

Hey Linds! The Adster is in my prayers....