Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankfullness Continued

I didn't quite make it back on here on Thursday to tell you all why I was so thankful yesterday. that was like 4 days ago wasn't it?

I'm sorry I'm running slow on Sweet Little Thing here.

Busy processing all the 2009 photo sessions I did. Among other things. It's fun but A TON of work!

Ah yes, onto what I am thankful for.

My wonderful husband and kiddos of course. And my own parents. And my husband's parents. And our awesome siblings. Our nieces and nephews. That I got to see my Most Best Friend/Double Cousin, Cassie and her family. My auntie Cathy. My cousin Michelle. And my brother's super awesome girlfriend that we love for him. And that we didn't hit that deer on the way home. And that my aches are slowly.....very SLOWLY....going away. And that there are still SOME foods that don't cause inflammation. Did I say some? I meant VERY VERY FEW. But, hey it's better than none. And mostly I'm thankful that my trust lies with the one who created me.

Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for the times when Leighton looks at me and says, "That's cool-yo mom".

I'm sure he won't be saying that for too much longer. I better hold onto it while I can.

Happy Holidaying. Merry Christmasing. Until next time.


Anonymous said...

U forgot your uncle Sandy! Shame on U!

Anonymous said...

whoops! Wrong post, sorry! Hope your feeling better, I will be praying for ya :)

your Bro

Shannon Joy said...

jp-haaa. you are funny. thank you for your prayers. i NEED them!