Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 Month

Chase turned One Month last week. And he celebrated in a big way!


First he wanted to do some hanging out.


And then he did some serious reflecting about his first month of life.


Then he thought about it some more.


Finally, he decided he has really liked it so far.


I guess he's going to keep us. Phew.


Amanda said...

Wow! That is one advanced 1-month-old, holding his head up AND smiling:) He is adorable!

Shannon Joy said...

Thanks-he is a head holding phenomenon!

SweetPea said...


Lindsay said...

Oh man - he really looks like his brother in that last picture :-)

happy one month little one....where does time fly?!

Shannon Joy said...

i's crazy how fast it goes!

Melissa said...

Love it! Made me smile on my sleepless Sunday night, Monday morning coffee hase and should sustain me through the day! What a doll! Can't wait to have another little snuggler!