Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekly Womb #30

Week 30. It feels good to finally be here! Like, the 20s is OK but the 30s feels better, safer, and closer to the BIG day. I'm feeling really good these days. Despite the fact that I need a new wardrobe.

I HATE maternity clothes! It seems like they were designed to make women look like whales. I'm all about accentuating that belly. The tighter, the better in my mind.
Ok...maybe not the whole, "side-fat hanging out of the low-rider jeans" phenomenon I sometimes see in young high school and college girls. But still, I'm proud of this belly and I think the world should know it! Besides, in what other season of my life would I be so happy about such a GIGANTIC mid-section? None, I tell you, none.

So, I will just keep eating and wearing tight shirts. For those who don't appreciate this school of thought, just take heart in knowing that you only have to endure 10 more weeks of this......hopefully......

Now, onto the more important stuff. Our little cabbage (sized) patch kid is almost 3 pounds this week! Holy cramolies, that seems like a lot! My good friends over at
BabyCenter also tell me the baby is almost 16 inches long. Which, if you read this post about my 32 inch Wonderboy, that's like half the length of Leighton. Weird, I know. Not only that, but this little cabbage patch kid is apparently swimming around in about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid. So there you go again honey. Proof that the weight gain isn't solely based on my continual intake of swiss cake rolls. Only a portion of it.

Speaking of amniotic fluid. Which, if you are like, my dad or father-in-law or some other male besides my husband, you may want to just leave now... But yeah, so that brings up an important fear of mine. The big kahuna of questions. When will my water break? Will my water break? What if it breaks while I'm at work?

Remember now, I don't really work in an office. Where there are plastic chairs. I work at people's homes doing family counseling. They usually have couches and chairs and carpet and stuff.

What if it happens there? On someones brand new couch? "Uhhh....I don't mean to interrupt you or anything, but do you have a towel or a water just broke all over your fine linen sofa." That would really go along way for building a good rapport with your clients!
But, there's no way to know so I guess I just keep on keepin on until that happens. Or doesn't happen, hopefully.

In closing, here is my version of my 30 week Belly Shot.



vivianne dagny said...

hahah. just carry a few towels around with you. when you go into people's houses wrap 3 or 4 of them around your waist and tell them you're not sure but your water could break at any minute. you'll be fine.

Shannon Joy said...

that would be awesome! i love that idea! i can't wait to see the looks i get with that one!

Leslie said...

That's hilarious Shannon!!! lol Uhh, do you have a BUCKET? I heard that it is really that much water! So you would like, definitely know. Maybe you can just put towels down EVERYWHERE you sit!! :) haha

Can't wait to see your belly up close and personal. Is the baby kicking a lot? a little?

Lindsay said...

I'm with you on the maternity shirts....while I don't normally enjoy wearing a tight shirt when I DON'T have a GIGANTIC midsection, I would rather not look like a human tent, either. Ish. So tight shirts with baby belly it if they could just make something that would cover up my cankles...

Glad you're feeling great!