Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springtime Sweetie

I love so many things about spring. One of the first things I love is that it comes at all. I think we were all beginning to wonder if would ever come. After blizzard, flood, blizzard, flood....it was kind of like a a fleating fantansy.

Dare I say though....It's FINALLY here!!! Maybe it's not super-amazing weather every day yet...but we still get to go outside and play some days. And that is just plain old neat to me.

I love opening the windows. Feel that spring breeze. See the flowers in the field. Hear those cute birdies sing.....oh wait, I'm quoting a Bert and Ernie springtime Elmo book....sorry. I guess I have read that one a few too many times.

But really, I love so many things. Looking at new bikes. Watching Leighton play with sidewalk chalk. Leighton playing with his cousins. And check out these photos.....doesn't he have one of the cutest cousins around? She's one of my little Springtime Sweeties. And I'm sure you won't argue with that!


1 comment:

Valerie said...

Great collage, it makes my heart melt a little bit looking at these. Hope you're having a great day!