Monday, April 27, 2009

A Birthday and a Baseball Game.

Last weekend, we got to take a super-fun weekend trip to celebrate our friend's birthday and take in a baseball game. My camera was with us the entire time and here are a few of the fun images.

The reason I LOVE it when people have birthdays! Can you blame me for having 2 1/2 huge pieces of this baby all in one 12 hour period?
Chillin' and.....
Yowza! He is one good lookin man!
Headin to the stadium. and my hubby!

So, there you have it. The game was really fun. The weekend was really fun. And as an extra bonus, my husband is really good-lookin. See you all later.

Oh and before I go.... I told you last week that I had something exciting to tell you very soon. Well, my mom freaked out and was FOR SURE that we were going to announce we are having twins!!!! When she told me that, I said, "Mom! Don't you think I would have told you right away instead of on the blog!?" And she said, "well...I thought you were just coming to terms with it!" Haaa. So, no Mom, we are not having twins. But...I was supposed to have an AMAZING opportunity to photography some brand new triplets born on Friday. Sadly, the details did not quite work out and I was unable to meet these three little peanuts. On the bright side though, all three of them were born very healthy and are doing quite well. Amen to that!

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