Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A flood of blessings.

Last night, I had the great privilege to work alongside the American Red Cross and Salvation Army to provide meals to all of the hard-working volunteers at Sandbag Central. The adorable, smiling lady in the photo below was the lady who was leading our food crew.Isn't she just sweet?
We handed out A LOT of these.
So people had the energy to make thousands of these.

And in return, we got an awful lot of these grateful smiles.
It was an awesome blessing to be a part of something of this magnitude. So many lives at stake. Yet, so many helpful hands and hearts pulling together to save the community. It isn't very often that a large community like ours has this opportunity. An opportunity to experience the closeness of working together for one common goal. The closeness that many smaller communities experience when they come together to host a benefit dinner for a family. The closeness of a small class B school making it to the State B Tournament. The closeness of a group of farm families experience when coming together to finish the harvest for a neighbor whose family member died. Our town is so large, but last night, in that building. It was so small. It was truly an incredible experience for me and I hope to do it again this week. Of course, you all know me, I was chompin at the bit to run out to my car and grab my camera. I didn't do that. Instead, I found these great pictures on a photo sharing website and the credit goes to Claire Sale. More to come later this week.


vivianne dagny said...

i'm glad you volunteered. i would have done the same thing. keep me posted on what happens and take more pictures!

Shannon Joy said...

i sure will try. i was dying, just dying to go get my camera but i didn't want to leave my post. maybe later this week i will carry it on my back just to be sure!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Shannon.... Proud of you guys!