Monday, March 23, 2009

Flood 2009

The Flood of 2009 is on it's way. It's pretty serious and people are working around the clock to save as many homes as they can. I went up to capture some of the before photos of the situation. In these photos, the river is at about 21.4 feet. It is expected to rise between 39-41 feet by Friday of this week. At 40 feet, the river would be at the top of the dike, which is where I was standing to take the bottom two pictures.


vivianne dagny said...

nice pics. i NEED more. we only know so much about what's going on from the news. you take amazing photos so make sure you take lots more every day before the flood hits. i would be forever grateful. thanks a bajillion.

Shannon Joy said...

yes, viv. i will keep the photos coming! by the way, the coin slot video was funny to me! haaa.

Anonymous said...

Shanny, I sent you some pictures of our own flood event out here in the west. We are under lots of water, many many roads closed, and lots of houses under water. Now, this IS the wild west! Check em out!