Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Elmo Underpants,

We sure had a lot of fun trying to teach me to use the potty this week!

I really, really loved my elmo underpants and tried really hard to use them.

But mommy and daddy decided I wasn't quite ready to for potty training.

So, we had to pick up all of my new elmo underpants and put them away for a while.

Even though I really love my underpants and didn't want to put them away, I still helped my mommy pick them up.

Reluctantly,I handed them over.

But not without a good-bye hug first.

I love you Mr. Elmo Underpants. Maybe I will wear you again this summer!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness shanny, you finally came to your senses, he is a tad too young yet... lol.... But, nice try :) Any good carpet cleaning ideas?

Uncle Jason

HOME...the most important place on earth said...

That is WAY too adorable!! I love babies with their little pudginess in a diaper...too cute!

Shannon Joy said...

Uncle Jason-yes! i do have some good carpet cleaning ideas...along with you helping us re-do our deck, you can help us lay some laminate hardwood flooring while you are at it! as if you aren't sick of all of your own home improvement projects enough....haaa.

vivianne dagny said...

i don't get it. you gave up after a week? i was almost 4 when i decided i would use the toliet. so was my sister. my parents and babysitter tried for years. don't give up now. it'll just be more work in the future. trust me. potty trained by 18 months. learning to read by 3 1/2. easy.

Shannon Joy said...

we aren't giving up, viv. we are going to keep putting him on the potty at bathtime and between diaper changes to keep him accustomed to it. we just aren't going to push it until he is more ready.