Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture This

I am still practicing. There is sooo much to learn when one wants to become a hobby photographer. Buying a really fancy camera WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT make you a genius photographer overnight. It will take you, at the minimum a week to figure out how to use the most basic functions on the camera. Ok, maybe not a week but it took me a whole week to figure out that my lens was shooting in manual mode, resulting in sub-par pictures. And then once you figure out how to turn it on and snap a photo you need to learn a thing or eight hundred about the elements of photography. That is, what makes a good picture. So what does make a good picture? Well, of course, my beautiful son does! Haaa. Although that is true, I am talking about the art of photography and the mechanics of it. It's all about light people. And then there are F-stops, shutter speeds and much more. Do I sound smart yet? I shouldn't because that is ALL I know-just those words. I don't know what they mean yet. (ok, i do a little but not enough to qualify me as a teacher in the subject). Hang in there though because I'm taking a class and may just have some little nuggets of photography wisdom to share with you down the road. And then, there's the chance that I will just share with you little nuggets of photography non-sense. And that might be cool too. Here are some of the pics from the weekend that I liked.
I love his expression here. I think he was watching Maverick running around like a lunatic-which Leighton is quite used to by now.
Hangin at the Fall Festival. I'm not a huge fan of this pic but I love, love, love his curls here.

This is one of my new favorites. The little grin he gave me here was delicious. And just look at those curls.
In this picture, I was peeking over the straw bale of the corn maze. I love how his eyes pop out.

This picture was an assignment for my class. I had to get a motion shot. To do this, you need a fast shutter speed (if you want the motion frozen). My intention on this shot was actually to get the ball on the grass in focus and Maverick to blur but it turned out the opposite and I really liked that I screwed up. Also, check it out- none of his paws are touching the ground. That's fun.

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