Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leighton Update

These are a few photos I took last night from our trip to the park. Leighton LOVES going outside so we want to get him out as much as we can before the dreaded comes. I won't even type the word here for fear that it will hear me. (I'll give you a hint-it rhymes with splinter). I also wanted to get some practice with my new camera. I am pretty excited about this big boy- it's a little advanced for me right now but I will definitely be able to grow into it. Check out these big blue eyes. I love his face right before going down the slide! And check out my non-existent bicep. Let's hear it for all the mommy's who no longer have time for daily workouts!

He is very focused on something in this picture. Probably his dad hanging upside down on the monkey bars!

So, here goes for the latest and greatest about Leighton: He is still crafting the skill of walking. He will do it only when he deems it to be the best mode of transportation. His most favored modes are crawling or pushing his fire engine. He is IN LOVE with the stairs and can move down them really fast. If we didn't have the gate up, he would spend all his time going up and down. He goes to the gate and yells "dowww" whenever he wants to go. Speaking of his words, he has quite a large vocabulary. We aren't even sure how he knows many of the words he knows. Here is a short list: cracker, down, bath tub, belly button, pupa (Maverick), hi, bubye, quack, baaa, mooo, turtle,bird, window, door, deer....there are so many more that I can't remember right now. Going to the store is really fun now. Leighton loves to stand inside the cart, like he's the captain and says "Hiiii" to everyone he sees. He also likes to get out of the cart and push it-which can be real interesting when at Walmart during rush hour. He continues to perfect his dancing skills, as seen in this video I posted earlier. When he isn't dancing or hanging out on the stairs, you will either find him digging in our lazy suzan for snacks or climbing up on our dining room chairs. If you give him enough time before you catch him, he will make it to the top of the table and start laughing. He also really likes to pray and folds his hands when we say, "let's pray". That is one of my favorite things. Maverick and Leighton have an interesting relationship right now. Maverick both lives in fear and in anticipation for Leighton's next move. If Leighton is in his high chair eating, he loves to drop his foods down for Maverick to eat. 1 point for Maverick. However, when Leighton is not in his chair and not occupied with something else, he is either pushing one of his carts into Maverick, chasing him around the island, or worse yet, he crawls head down toward Maverick, grunting and then bites him! As in, the baby bites the dog. Not the other way around. So instead of having a dog who bites my baby, I have a baby who bites my dog. Which I guess is better? Luckily, Maverick doesn't bit him back. They do have their finer moments, too. Like when Leighton and Maverick have cuddle sessions which is super cute....and when Leighton claps for Maverick and says "dood dob" (good job) after Maverick fetches the tennis ball. Well, I suppose that covers it for now. I'm sure there will be much more fun to come. Tally ho friends.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. You will be taking many master peices with the new camera and will master it soon. Your blog is so much fun and your main model is so cute. The many exspression you capture are priceless. Can't wait to see your next peice of art and stories. Darrel and Laurie

Hailey Faith said...

Wow! I can't believe how big your little guy is! Hailey stated Kindergarten this year and is enjoying it. Hope all is well. Check us out on Hailey's blog it you would like.