Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Leighton is having so much fun walking, nearly running, around these days. In this video, he had found his sunglasses and brought them to me to put on for him. As you can see, he looks like he's pretty proud of himself with his glasses and his motoring skills. He continues to love to climb up on anything possible. He can't get enough of the stairs. This week, he has learned how to say "out" to go outside. He would live outside if we let him. Another quick funny story. This morning, after Leighton crawled out of our bed, he got down on the floor where Maverick was and started petting him. Maverick was either sleeping or ignoring him. Probably ignoring him. Leighton then crawled over Maverick's body and got right in his face and started saying "HI" "HI" "HI" to Maverick. It was the cutest, sweetest best thing ever! Happy October people!

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