Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Frosted chocolate

Derrick and I are "trying" to eat a little healthier. I have been a dieter since about the 8th grade and I know nearly every diet known to man. I love talking about weight loss and helping people lose weight. It's always been a struggle for me to be and stay thin. I have many, many funny dieting stories throughout my dieting career. One of the funniest I know has to do with my most-best friend, Cassie. We were brainstorming a new diet plan one day. After hours of planning every detail, every rule, every cheat day- we came up with the name. We thought it was the most inventive name EVER and thought it could even have potential to be on an infomercial-probably right after the Saturday morning Billy Blanks TaeBo infomercial. We would call her..... BUDDY UP & MELT DOWN. The plan that would revolutionize our waistlines! It was very easy to follow: we made a list of all the allowed foods and all the cheat foods and if one person ate a cheat food, they would have to pay the other person $1. (it was based on the honor system) Boy, were we excited. The funny thing about Cassie and I is that we would always go on these diets together and then we would try to keep each other motivated. However, that would always backfire on us. What happened was, when we started to get a craving the other one would say, "so, if I ate that rice krispie much would i owe you?" Well, once the "cheat food" was mentioned, the other started craving it also. Neither of us wanted to sit there and watch the other one eat the darn cheat food. So, naturally, she or I would respond, "well, if I eat a rice krispie bar at the same time as you, we will be even-and we won't owe each other money". Bingo! What a great plan!

So, anyway, Derrick and I are "trying" to eat healthier. This is extra hard for me these days because I am no longer motivated to eat healthy in order to lose weight. I have been super blessed following the birth of my sweet baby boy and 14 months of breastfeeding to have a higher metabolism than I used to. Of course, I should be motivated by sheer desire to have a healthy body, but...that doesn't taste as good as frosting. Due to this fabulous idea, we are trying to get rid of all the junk food in our house so we can only "choose" healthy foods.

So, I am constantly walking around the kitchen, from fridge to cupboard, looking for something sweet. Back and forth, back and forth I go. There is nothing sweet, thanks to this dumb "eat healthier" idea. And then...I remembered something. My husband's grandma was cleaning out her kitchen from the lake and dropped off some Hershey's chocolate bars. They had been sitting in the back of our fridge un-noticed by me. Oh yea, and she left a half a can of cream cheese frosting-also in the back of the fridge. The next step was obvious. If you haven't tried frosting on a Hershey's chocolate bar (and you probably haven't, because who would!)- I highly recommend it! Sweet dreams.


cassie said...

that was a genious diet plan that we came up bad it didn't work.
i can't believe you put frosting on your could you ruin the chocolate like that.

Shannon Joy said...

cassie, it was soooo yummy-don't knock it till you try it!