Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wow- I have so many wonderful things to write about tonight. I can't even tell you how much my heart is overflowing right now.... Before I get into the details I must tell you that without a doubt, these blessings in our life/ in our family surely come from the great I AM.

I attend MOPs on Tuesday mornings and at our first lesson this year was about the great I AM. You see, the very first name that God called himself was I AM (Exodus 3). The words "I AM" indicate an action. I am...
...everything you need
.... more than enough
....creator of you and your children
.... inexhaustible

.... sustainer of life
.... with you

These are all descriptors of what the great I AM does for us. It's incomprehensible to me. So often, when things are going bad for me, I am reminded to turn to God-because I need him in those moments. But what about this moment? This moment of pure goodness? In this moment, I am filled with praise and in awe of that fact that He is who he says He is. The great I AM. Check out this
link if you are curious about what He says about being the I AM.

My first bit of exciting news come from my brother's family. They have been in the adoption process for a long time now. We have been praying for a long time.... There have been a lot of ups and downs. We have known that God created a special child to join their family through adoption. But....knowing that doesn't make it easy. Waiting is never easy. Not understanding what and how things will happen is never easy. This has taken a lot of blind faith on their parts- and on our parts, as extended family members. We were blessed to find out that there is a precious little girl on the opposite side of the country waiting to find her forever family. We were blessed to find out that Aaron, Valerie, Jonah and Lydia ARE her forever family! She will celebrate her First birthday next
tuesday-the day that Aaron and Valerie will get to meet her.
I could go on and on here gushing. I won't though because you can read all the details of this wonderful journey at their blog.

Next, I am so excited to report that my most best friend/double-cousin, Cassie's husband, passed his boards for Optometry! This has been a long and grueling process for Gerardo and we are all so proud of this huge accomplishment. I am extra excited because this gets them one step closer to moving back to our lovely state! Cassie's mom will be pulling for her hometown and I, of course, will be pulling for my hometown. I guess we will see who wins! It probably has more to do with the job market than with what MY needs are but come on, it would
sooo fun to be stay at
home mom's in the same town. (keep dreaming, Shannon, keep dreaming).

Above all, I am just plain thankful.

Never forget- 9/11/01.

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