Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mommy is one fry short....

The scene played out on Friday morning. Derrick, Leighton, Maverick and I were out for an energizing, peaceful walk. (peaceful until Derrick started harping on me to kick it up a notch and jog with him. just kidding honey, I love it when you act like you are my personal trainer-my unwanted/un-hired personal trainer.) Anyway, back to the morning. The birds chirped and the sun glistened on our skin. Perfection. We returned home and Leighton went down for a nap.
Possibly a 2 hour nap........ That means 2 hours to do whatever my little heart desires!!! JACKPOT.

Derrick went downstairs to lift weights. That means I was REALLY free. All that harping earlier must have made me feel guilty so I decided to do a pilates workout with my free time. I DVR'd the workouts off of FIT TV.

Funny story/Flashback: I was all pumped to get FIT TV when we switched cable companies last spring. I told Derrick about how much FIT TV was going to help me/inspire me to get back into working out. (which i used to love to do and now loathe). I DVR'd like 40 different workouts. My arsenal of taped workouts including yoga, pilates, cardio boot camp, latin dance, and kickboxing was ready and waiting. Well, it waited and waited. Every once in a while, when Derrick was feeling a little on the daring side, he would ask me if I was ever planning to do any of the workouts I taped. Fighting the urge to sucker punch him for even asking, my answer continued to be "uhhh, yeah, i might, uh, tomorrow, i might have some free time....." Haaa- it never happened.

Anyway, for some reason, pilates sounded appealing. About 5 minutes into the pilates workout I hear a faint knock at the door. At first I wasn't even sure if I heard anything at all. And then I thought, oh yes, it's the UPS man delivering the package I am expecting. (I will post about that package another day) I thought to myself, well, I don't need to go answer it because the UPS men just knock and run anyway. I would just go check it later. But then my curiosity got to me-or I realized that going to the door would get me out of a few of these wretched exercises. So, I mosied over to the door.........

My heart sinks as I start twisting the doorknob and experience a flashback. Flashback to a conversation I had with myself earlier in the week. The conversation in my head went something like this, "oh yeah, I need to remember to call my friend Katie back and let her know that we need to reschedule our play date which is going to be at my house on Friday morning. with Leighton's surgery and Derrick being home, it won't be the best time to have a play date. yes, i will do that. i will call her".

The door is open now. My dear and kind of new friend Katie (who I am still trying to make a good impression on, by the way) is standing at my door with her precious 5 month old baby. Did I mention earlier that I was sweaty, cause I WAS sweaty. What I didn't mention was the best part- I was in messed up, sloppy, sweaty pig-tails! (check out the video I posted of Leighton walking to see how hot I really looked). Anyway, this girl is a sweet girl and she knew right away by the look on my face that I forgot. And if she didn't know from the look on my face I'm sure she figured it out by the utter disaster that others may call our home. It was a nasty pig-sty! OK, maybe not nasty but there was a lot of clutter because Derrick, my handy, awesome husband had cleaned out the garage earlier in the week. Everything that didn't have a home in the garage was sitting in our foyer or on our kitchen table or on our island. It was a clutter-lover's paradise. I'm sure Katie was scared.

To add insult to injury, I had previously told Katie to also invite her friend, who is my other kind of new friend, Sheila and her little girl to come over for the play date. So, now I have 2 very sweet gals (who i am hoping will be my friends someday) and their children all on my doorstep.

Katie is so nicely offering that we set up another time and Sheila agrees. They were so nice about it. Thank God for people who are forgiving! And then, my husband, pops his head around the corner to say hi to the gals. He had heard all the commotion and my back-pedaling over the last few minutes and nicely said, "well, you guys can still have your play date, it's no big deal, right Shannon?"

Hello? Does anyone have a sledgehammer? I would like to hurl that sledgehammer down in his general direction! In my head I am thinking, "no, honey- it is not OK to have these lovely girls and their children over for a play date right now when i am a sweaty pig with pig-tails, my house could win a spot on the Oprah special about clutter-freaks, i have no food prepared and there is syrup and coffee droplets dried on our counter tops!!!

Luckily, Katie jumps in and says, "oh no, it's no big deal, really, let's just do this another day". Ahhh, thank our heavenly father above! So, we rescheduled the date. I have it written on every calendar I could find and I am having reminder emails sent to me every day until then. It should turn out next time.

But really, what is up with that? Who does that? Invites two really sweet friends over for a play date and then totally forget about it. And then when they show up, answer the door with a deer in the headlights look. A deer in the headlights with pig-tails, none the less.

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Sarah K said...

Shannon...I pictured the whole senerio in my head! I can just about immagine...I bet it was halariously embarassing!!! That is why I love you so much.