Monday, August 18, 2008

God's Perfect Gift

Meet sweet baby Colin. Born to my dear best friend, Melissa and her hubby Brandon, on Saturday August 16th. What a little bundle of joy! Isn't he sweet and precious and just a peanut!

I love, love, love babies! I really love the whole "becoming a new parent" thing, too. Derrick and I were just talking about how exciting this is for our friends and were reminiscing about our time in the hospital getting to know Leighton. We recalled the scary moment when it was time to leave the hospital. We had to put Leighton in his car seat. Tiny babies are not conducive to hard plastic seats with a thin layer of material over them.'s the law so we complied. Leighton immediately screamed in a shrill manner. We called the nurse in to ask for help with the car seat. Naturally, that is what they do. They help you get ready to take your baby home. I watched an average of 2 episodes of A Baby Story every single day of my pregnancy and I KNOW KNOW KNOW that they help you get the baby in the car seat! AND....and, they go down to the car with you and make sure the car seat is in properly. Yep, I watched that happen on roughly 600 episodes of A Baby Story so surely it would happen in real life. Well, I guess people sue a lot these days so some hospitals don't do that anymore. Derrick and I frantically got it figured out on our own and were able to get Leighton strapped in and home safely. Let the fairytale begin....

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