Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding in the Dells

We spent last weekend in the Dells to attend the wedding of our dear friends, Dave and Avin. They had the wedding at the gorgeous Chula Vista Resort . There was a huge water park with tons and tons of water slides, lazy rivers and baby pools. Leighton had a great time! During his first visit he was in total observation mode and didn't have a lot of expression. On the second day, he really got into the swimming and splashing. My favorite part was when he crawled on the cement with his butt up the air to prevent his knees from touching the funny surface! He got a lot of laughs. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time catching up with old friends.
On the last day in the Dells, also Leighton's birthday, we spent the afternoon walking around the downtown area of the Dells. A very cute little tourist trap I must say. We enjoyed a rooftop lunch, took some old fashioned photos and of course had a mini birthday party for Leighton, complete with lots of frosting smearing. On the long trip home, we stopped for a visit with some dear relatives of ours. My Aunt Paulette had a nice supper and even made a cake for Leighton's birthday! Overall, it was a fantastic weekend getaway.

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