Monday, July 14, 2008

Special Thanks

I have to take this time to give a special thank you to Cassie Mijangos for being my guest blogger over the weekend. Previous to this, she told me that she could never do a blog because she doesn't know what she would write and that she isn't creative. Well, I beg to differ here. She did a fantastic job and I find her quite funny and witty. I especially LOVED the special story she shared. I have to admit, "My Most Best Friend" is one of my best poetic masterpieces by far. What Cassie was kind enough to do during her guest posting spot was to leave out some of the more revealing details of this night and the subsequent writing of the poem. Without embarrassing myself too much I will just say that we were just newly 21 years old and we had just returned home after a night on the town. I was a little sentimental thanks to a few too many drinks and I ended up bawling and slobbering over the computer as I typed up this hard-to-describe but hilariously funny poem. A poem all about Cassie and her beauty. Let me tell you, it was quite a poem. It's almost as if when you read it, you could tell I had been drinking. Really, you just have to read this thing to understand. We have been trying to locate it for several years now with no avail. Maybe someday it will show up...............until then, thank you, Cassie. For sharing a little bit of your talent with the world. Love you lots!

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