Sunday, June 1, 2008

Becky!!! Stand by for assistance!!!!!

"Shannon....shannon, shannon look at me!" (I was ignoring him, not on purpose, but because I was engrossed in my nightly Internet time)...anyway, after finally getting my attention...."What do you see?" he asks.
OF course the first thing out of my mouth is, "you need a haircut".
"Bingo" he says, very much in agreement.
"Oh please, please can I cut it!?" I plead with him. "I promise I won't screw it up!!!"

***a conversation between my husband and I******

We have been talking about doing this for a while now. Come on, I do have some qualifications in this area. Sure, I have never been to hair school or anything of the like. Sure, I screw up my own bangs every time they grow out a little too long and I haven't yet made my next date with Becky, our lovely, wonderful hairstylist and friend. But, what we must not forget here is I have a couple of things going for me in this area. Exhibit A- I have performed a few haircuts on males in my day (thanks to those two daring boys in high school who let me). Exhibit B- my mother has some mad talent in this area (so, i didn't get her great singing voice or big boobs-surely I deserve her ability to do haircuts!)

****cut back to the conclusion of the conversation*******

"ahhh, yeah, ahhh, haaaaa, i don't know?" he says

i shriek, "let's go, tomorrow night, i can do this, we will go buy a clipper set tomorrow!"

"well, i guess we can try it...what am going to do if......" he questions and then is interrupted.

"oh, i forgot! Cassie will be here tomorrow night. yes! she can help too! " i exclaim in complete, utter excitement!

he gets a doomed look on his face and scurries off to bed....

*********stay tuned for the before and after pictures tomorrow night**********

BECKY!!!! Stand by!

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