Friday, May 23, 2008

Turning my husband "ON"

This n thats from the week:

  • Leighton loves giving Mommy big kisses. A personal highlight of the week for me.

  • My sweet nephew Jonah graduated from Kindergarten. Can it be real? He has grown up before our eyes and still I can't figure out where the time went? It seems like not that long ago, I was rushing up to the hospital around midnight to meet my new baby nephew and to celebrate his birth (and help his mommy regain some strength)with some awesome late night delivery pizza!

  • My good friend Amanda and her hubby found out they are having a BOY!!! They are so excited! We are so excited!

  • In reference to my title. My husband informed that we are like different kinds of light switches when it comes to decision making. I would be the standard ON/OFF switch and he would be the dimmer switch. When I decide to do something, I am "turned on" and I just do it. "Shoot now, ask questions later"......"we will figure it out as we go"...and so forth. I tend to want to execute very quickly. Derrick, on the other hand, likes to be turned to the "on" position very slowly. The item in question must be very carefully and thoroughly thought out. It must be pre-planned and then planned. There must be consideration put into what the obstacles will be and some vision of the "finished product". This "difference" can sometimes be a challenge but overall makes us a good team. We balance each other out. So, we will attempt to get our landscaping project done THIS WEEKEND without any major conflicts. It's all about compromise people!

  • My sweet baby boy Leighton not only gives me kisses now, he gives the must scrumptoulescent (is that a word) hugs I've ever had! He snuggles his body in, wraps both arms around my (or Derrick's) neck, turns his head sideways and nestles it onto your shoulder, all while sucking his lower lip. It's irresistible!

  • Derrick passed his 3rd test of his CPA exam!!! He is now 3/4 CPA. One more test to go-way to go honey!

I believe those are some if not all of the highlights from the week. Happy Memorial Day to all!

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Valerie said...

Shanny this post sets you up for all kind of silly comments I could make but I'll keep them to myself b/c I don't want to embarrass myself in front of all of cyberspace. Just know you made me smile!