Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He pees like a girl!!!

Oh the sad story of our yard you see
He will not, would not pee on a tree

The grass that was at one time oh so green
It will not, can not ever be seen

He is a he, that much we know
But he does not, can not learn how to "go"

He whines to be outside all the day through
What else, might you ask is this poor dog to do

We can't say we blame him for his choice to squat
We chose to neuter and we haven't forgot

A dog who lifts his leg has a reason to do so
But our ole boy, Maverick, now has nothing to show

The yellow burned lawn is a reminder to us all
That he cannot, will not reclaim his ball(s)


Valerie said...

You are so silly. A poet and didn't even knowit!

THis made me smile!

Shannon said...

Derrick and I were trying to figure out our landscaping in terms of covering Mavericks pee spots and it was getting complicated so I just wrote a poem about it! haa. i guess it was getting a little late for me.