Friday, April 11, 2008

I want MORE!!

I'm one proud momma today! I have been working diligently, from about 6 months old, to teach Leighton to sign the word "more" (putting fingers and hands together). I've had a few times in the past few weeks where I thought he may have done it but I wasn't sure. Well, today at supper he did it for real, several times! Daddy even caught us on video. Leighton must have been able to see how excied I was about this because he was just so proud of himself! Enjoy the show:

He is also working really hard at walking. We finally found him a push walker and he seems to be really good at it already. He can go across part of the room.

And finally.....this is one of my favorites. Leighton decided it is really cool to stick his face up to the window and suck on it! From the back, this looked really cute and when I went outside on the deck to take a picture, this is what I got!!! Happy Weekend everyone!

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