Friday, July 13, 2012

dolly parton wrecked my day

dolly parton wrecked my day.

why would she write a letter like this!!!!

doesn't she realize that moms of little boys cry very very easily at the very sight of their sweet pre-kindergarten boys....much less a letter like this!

"it seems like only yesterday they read you your very first imagination library book"

"about to go to school"

"you can be anything you want to be"
{snort, gag, bluahhh, wahhhh}

oh my dear. just forget it!
i loved the letter.
she just didn't need to stick the skewer of love so deep into my heart that i'm slowly losing him to his older, even more amazing self.

so after we got over that freak out. which we could really call a "freak in" 
if and only if this were Kung Fu Panda II.

bottom line is this. 

my boy is five.
i get chocked up just typing it.

we had a perfect day. his party tonight was so perfect and fun and awesome weather and awesome friends and family and just perfect. a post is in order. 

but really, my favorite comment was from this morning cuddling in bed. 
i was scratching his arm for him and i said, "leighton, you are 5 today! what does it feel like to be 5?"
and he says, "mom, really i don't feel any different than yesterday except for just one thing."
me: what is that honey (still scratching his arm)
him: well, mom don't you think my arm is just a little bit bigger than it was yesterday?
me: yes, absolutely it is sweetie.

happy 5th birthday sweet boy. 

mommy loves you. so. much. 

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