Thursday, April 26, 2012

house of boys.

how do you know you birthed all boys? (besides their little penises of course).....of course.

there are some other tell-tale signs.

like....why is there a yoga mat on top of my dogs snout?

piles of rocks.

balls everywhere. literally.



a hanging monkey.

anything muddy is good.

polos....lots and lots of polos

(polos compliments of MoeMoes Garden)-thank you lovely sister in law. :)

dart bullets stuck to heads.

and in mouths.

pajama superheros.


guitar heroing.

and finally.....back to the first picture.
more piles.

on Maverick. sorry Maverick. sooooo sorry.

i love my boys. 


Elizabeth B said...

that is adorable! Love all of it! (And I can TOTALLY identify too!)

Shannon Joy said...

just you wait Liz! a year flies by soooo fast!!!