Monday, March 5, 2012

catching up.

a lot of randomness here tonight. lots of fun pics on my iphone to get up on the good ole bloggy. i'll get right to it. describing stuff. not because anyone cares. but because in 65 years when me and derrick are sitting in our matching futuristic lazyboys surfing the web and reminiscing on my blog we won't have to wonder about what on earth is going on in this picture and why does the thing's genital region and body look like a #2 pencil. and why did i post it? so here's the DL.

this is a lovely valentine picture sent to Leighton from his best bud, Sergio. Leighton and Sergio got to hang this last weekend and those boys are just BFF's in the making. i swear history is repeating itself from when me and Cassie were little. if they start writing each other 30 pages letters in jr. high we will know that the apples does not fall far from the tree. "it" is. pencil heart boy?

and here's the boy who was soooooo excited to get his mail!

this boy got a valentine from grandma and grandpa h. and he couldn't be happier. so happy that he doesn't know how to open his eyes apparently.

Me and my little sweetie pie, honey bunny, Ramona.

Beckett's hair. I love his curls. And his little hands. but not the little specs in my carpet. probably chips.

i thought this was funny. 

i thought this was NOT funny. thank you, Maverick.

later, he tied up on the snowman.

serves him right for eating all my food.

this is the snowman during the day, after a little rain came through. i laughed at this snowman for days as it's poor head withered away. it really really really reminded me of those people on Beetlejuice. right? or am i way off? weren't there some small headed deals on that movie. i loved that movie by the way. i'm so gonna rent that and force Derrick to watch it with me. hee hee.  

this is beckett watching kids play with tiny headed snowman.

my little boo-boo.
more crazy curls.
me and my sweet little Helen bug hanging out at grandma and grandpas. (hi maverick.)
did i mention i love her lips?
like no. i LOVE them.

how cute is this little ball of cuteness?! can't get enough.
it was so cute. at church chase saw everyone getting their bibles open so he had to "follow along".
grandma frances showing off her mad pinnocle skills. you don't wanna mess with this cat, you guys. she knows her stuff. she been frontin the pinnocle cards for about 75 years now.

after a fun weekend visiting family, my littlest buggy gettin his sweet baby lash on.

that's all for now. it's soon time for the 10 month update on Beckett. wowza. i've got lots more to catch up on here on the good ole bloggity blog. someday soon. until then, i'm gonna go start quoting lines from Beetlejuice to Derrick. because i am cool like that. 

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