Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a FROG's life.

the story of the frog. who kept trying. {and possibly praying}. 

bein a frog aint always rosy posy and just layin around flickin your tongue lookin for flies sorta thing.

sometimes it's serious business.

somedays....just end up in the yard of three adventurous little boys.

and while this little one looks rather harmless.....

every frog should know that behind every cute, innocent little baby you will find his frog-hunting brothers. and their mom. with her camera.

and if you turn your toady back for just a wind up in these lovely new living quarters.

and after a little session of being prodded, examined and of course photographed.
you jump. 

and you jump some more. 
eventually, you tire of jumping and just start praying. {at least if frogs prayed that is. i'm sure that this would have been the point where he was praying and asking 
God to make this crazy family set him free.} 
and then you continue jumping.

and after all that jumping and praying. you at last. free at last. 
and you hop away. 

happy boys. and a happy frog who now believes in prayer. ribbit.

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Elizabeth B said...

Oh those frogs and little boys!! I am sure we have had a few praying frogs around here too! LOVE those photos by the way!