Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chase {2 Years}

He's two.

My cute little, twinkle-in-his-eye, used-to-be-my-baby boy is two. {actually, he turned two in July. i'm just a tad bit behind. i can't figure out what who in the world would keep me so busy that i can't keep my blog right up to speed} Wait a minute...yes, I can. It's this guy and his two little cronies! And I love it.
Let me tell you something about Chase. He knows how to do Two. He does Two very well. He's crazy.
And he's all boy. 

Minus his deep love of kitchens and tea parties.
I'm quite certain he's gonna be a ladies man. 
(disclaimer..this little lady is his cousin so he certainly won't be wooing her one day)
Seriously though, we are gonna be in trouble when he is older. Heartbreaker! 
Here's my growing boy on his actual birthday enjoying an ice cream party with us on the deck. He's just so funny, this one.
He knows how to make his mama smile.
And the world smile. 

Need I say more? He's Two. And he's all mine. Ok, and his dads. I'll share. Just a little. 

In the development arena, Chase appears to be doing just great. He talks really really well and very pronounced, just like Leighton. He comprehends more than we want him to for his age. Ha. He can sing the alphabet and count to 20 with just a bit of help. He can pray on his own. But he mostly does now I lay me down to sleep for all prayers. He can sing his favorite lullaby pretty much by himself. He can recite nursery rhymes. He can almost ride his trike without help. He does know how to bargain and whine, which is neat. He does not have a wide pallet of taste buds. Mostly he prefers condiments like
Ranch, ketchup and BBQ sauce. He is on a bit of clumsy spell but he usually just shakes every little
bump and tumble right off. He will go on monster hunts with Leighton and play along pretending quite well. He does not like to share but will sometimes. He is sneaky. He is really looking forward to turning
three so he can chew gum like his big brother. He sneaks up on the cupboards and steals the gum he's not supposed to chew. And permanent markers. And then writes on my beautiful table tops. Mainly, though, he's Two. 

My sweet Chase. It's just hard to find words to describe how much you brighten my day. You have such a unique and fun and sweet little personality. I can't wait to watch you grow and change throughout the years. Well....actually, I can. Let's just take this a little slower, OK? Love you bud.

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