Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day, Mixing Bowls, Pant-Peeing and My Life

First of all, a HUGE Happy Mother's Day greeting to my own wonderful mother! I love you mom and I will never forget so many of the great moments we have shared together.

Ah, heck, why not just share one here, right?!

Do you remember when we lived in that little town that started with a W? And we were hosting Thanksgiving that year? And Cassie and her family came to spend it with us? And we were in the dining room making some type of cake? You, me, Michelle, Cathy and Cassie? And you wanted to show us how cool you were that you could let the metal bowl go, with the mixer in it....and we all watched with great awe as you successfully mixed and mixed, hands-free from the bowl?

And we all know how fast those metal bowls can spin when you let them go right?!

And know what happened next right?  Let's just say our beautiful striped cream and blue wallpaper, complete with the awesome geese from the 80's was covered in chocolate cake batter.....along with the rest of us.

And weren't we all laughing so hard that Michelle actually peed her pants?

Michelle, that you was you right?

Or wait, was it Michelle who did the hands-free mixing you you that peed your pants, Mom? I can't totally remember.

But, what I do remember is this:  we.laughed.a.lot.

Thanks, Mom. I do hope I can someday bring as much laughter and joy to my children as you did for me.

Now......onto the heart-melting.

I don't know if it's just that I'm the lucky one that gets to be their mom.
And I'm a bit biased.
But...doesn't this melt-your-heart!

The blessings God has given me through motherhood are quite, quite, quite everything.i.could.have.asked.for.AND.MORE.

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