Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekly Womb #37


Well, we have moved into the "safer zone" of my pregnancy. That meaning, if I have the baby tonight, the baby should be for the most part..... fully-cooked. Now it looks like just a few more weeks of weight-gain for this little munchkin and we are on our way to our new life with three!

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I wasn't crapping my pants just a little bit as to how
we are going to manage a newborn admidst the chaos of our already busy and active boys. But, the bottom line is, we will. That is just the way it's gonna work. Cue the coffee-maker please!

The baby should be around 6lbs this week, according to Babycenter. Leighton was born close to his due date at 8lbs and Chase was born 10 days early at 7lbs 6oz. So.....Babycenter is probably close on this one. If I remember correctly, the baby will now be putting on a 1/2 lb or more a week. Yikes! They didn't say how much the mama will put on. And neither will I be reporting that number.

Now it's just a waiting game. We still have ZERO, ZILCHO, ZIPPO agreement on a name for a boy or a girl. looks like Leighton's choice of Grasshopper Heick is still the name we will go with. Seriously though, we would gladly welcome any suggestions on baby names so feel free to leave a comment with your awesome ideas. Can't wait to read some of them! Also....don't forget to vote on your guess for the time of day the baby will be born..........and stay tuned!


Heidi said...

I'm so excited!! can't wait to have baby Heick #3 here!

Shannon Joy said...

thanks Heidi! us too! can't wait for you to meet him or her!

Patty said...

For a boy, you could do Trey. (Kind of like a version of #3 Baby, Uno, Dos, Tres...) Though, as I'm saying it, it might not work with Leighton, Chase, and Trey.

Girl... not sure.

Shannon Joy said...

Trey is kinda cute Patty! Thanks for the idea. :)

Patty said...

Also thought of Finn. Short for "finale". still no girl ideas. Sorry.