Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daddy Moments and some Squatting

Baby #3 is well on his or her way out of my very stretched out abdominal region and into the great big world. I mean, not at this moment. But, come on, I'm about 38 weeks and 4 days so it's gotta happen within the next week....or so. Right? That's right isn't it? It WILL happen eventually like in the next week or so....Right?!

{Please refrain from commenting if you went past your due date with one of your children. I DO NOT like to hear those stories. I sort of get ill when I hear about that happening. Please, please, just refrain. Thank you. I love you. But, thank you.}

Anyway, before Baby #3 arrives and gives us the big gender reveal, I wanted to share some pretty dang sweet photos of my boys and their daddy. Having a "daddy moment". I love those moments. And I love that trio of boys..............

I absolutely love them.


Now, I think I need to go do some squat thrusts.

Wish me luck.

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