Thursday, January 13, 2011


It is completely mind-boggling to me that I am sitting down to write a FORTY.TWO. MONTH update for Leighton! It literally seems like forty-two minutes ago he came into our world clinging to his little ear with all his might! And now, now he is a full-fledged little boy with a quiet sweet demeanor and some pretty big dreams.

Leighton is one smart cookie, speaking in adult sentences and enunciated every word to the tee. He is in love with the game Candy Land and very much enjoys doing craft projects with Chase. He loves his peanut butter and toast in the morning and his quiet time in the afternoon. He has grown into a wonderful big brother to Chase and for the most part takes pretty good care of him while I'm in another room. That's not to say that they don't fight. They do! But, the do their fair share of loving to make up for it. One of the sweetest things that Leighton has been doing with Chase happens early in the mornings before we are out of bed. We still keep the monitor plugged in so we can hear what kind of shenanigans they are getting into. Sometimes they just chatter away but most of the time Leighton sings songs to Chase. And that's one cute way to be woken up in the morning!

Speaking of big brothers, he is extremely excited to become a big brother once again in May. He is always sure to remember the baby in his prayers before meals and bedtime. He has also felt the baby move and thought that was pretty neat-o. While my heart skips a beat when he says a prayer for his new little sibling, my favorite favorite quote from Leighton is:

"mommy, your my sweet girl in the WHOLE world!". He says this usually about once a day and I still can't get over it!

Leighton joined Awanas at our church and goes to class every Wednesday night to learn more about Jesus. You should see him in his little blue vest! Totally.Adorable. Last night when we were on our way home, he said...."Mom, you do know that Jesus died on the cross for me, right?"

On the home front, some of his favorite things to do during the day include, but is not limited to....making forts, cooking me food in his little kitchen, helping me cook in the big kitchen, doing craft projects, watching Mickey Mouse, saying something funny and then telling me to go put it on Facebook, reading books, lots of books,especially The Gruffalo, playing Candy Land, playing dinosaurs, playing with his best buddies, Taneah and Griffin, watching America's Funniest Home Videos, watching the 80s Hair Band Rocker video I made for him on JibJab, running around the house with Chase while playing chase, drawing pictures, and many, many more.

To wrap up the forty.two month post, I would like to submit and interview with Leighton. by me.

Mom: What is your favorite food?
L: white rice with pepper
Mom: What is your fave song?
L: Jingle Bells
M: What is your fave game?
L: playing kitchen
M: what do you like to do with your dad?
L: read books
M: what is your favorite book, Leighton?
L: Little Lost Monkey
M: Who lives in your heart?
L: Jesus
M: What do you think about your mom, Shannon?
L: "she is my sweet girl in the whole world"
M: Do you think we are going to have a boy or a girl baby?
L: a boy.
M: what should we name him?
L: Boub.
M: Any last words before our interview is over?
L: yes, i like my vacuum and my fadder" (translation-father).

End interview.


Elizabeth B said...

So sweet Shannon!
Is that Boub as in B-ow-b or Boob? If the latter, you may have other issues on your hands! Hilarious!

Shannon Joy said...

no Liz, it was B-ow-b. We had to have him repeat that one to make sure too! I'm sure we will still have issues though. Especially with Chase around!

Leslie said...

This could be one of my favorite posts!! I loved the interview. And I just pictured the warmth you must feel when you and Derrick are laying in bed, listening to your little boys playing in their room in the morning!! How blessed:)