Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekly Womb - #20

At first, we were shocked to learn that we were having a baby bird!

Oh, but alas, the ultrasound tech turned the probe a bit and showed us, it was in fact....a human. Phew.

The baby already knows who it's momma is because we were given several great big smiles for the camera!

Everything measured and looked wonderfully healthy, which we are heavenly thankful for!

Once baby was done showing off, he or she went promptly back to sleep. Awwww, cute.

We'll see you in 20 more weeks, my little honey-bun!


Heidi said...

Hooray baby!! I love seeing ultrasound pictures! I'm so happy for all of you. 20 more weeks will go by quickly!

Shannon Joy said...

i hope so Heidi! i hope so!

Gma Laurie and Gpa Darrel said...

Your grandma and grandpa Heick love you so much already and we hadn't even seen your picture yet! You are precious. You have two very special brothers who just melt our hearts. We can't wait to meet you!