Friday, October 8, 2010

I have so many fun summer photos to share! Like this one.

Like I said, I have MANY more to share.

But.....someone needs to get their rear or rears over here and give me some better time management ideas so I can get more time to edit and blog photos. Like the one above. Amongst my other duties.


Here is a list of things that I need to get done every day just you can come prepared with your plan.

Here goes.

1. Shower and get myself ready. (rarely happens by the way)
2. Feed my kids.
3. Clean up their mess/es.
4. Play with my kids.
5. Educate my kids.
6. Do the laundry REGULARLY.
7. Feed my kids a snack.
8. Clean up their snack mess.
9. Remember that I forgot to feed Maverick.
10. Feed him.
11. Let Maverick out because he always has to go out after he eats.
12. Make my grocery list.
13. Wait....plan some meals before I make my list.
14. Wait.....look at the coupon deals before I plan my meals, before I make my list.
15. Answer emails for MiraBella.
16. Edit photos for MiraBella.
17. Package products for MiraBella.
18. Feed my kids lunch. And my husband. Lucky sucker.
19. Clean up our big lunch mess.
20. Sweep the floor. (rarely) Hello swivel sweep power sweeper super duper thing that should go on my Christmas list.
21. Get Chase down for a nap.
22. Make sure he knows that he is special before he goes down for his nap.
23. Corral Leighton into one room for "quiet time" followed by some TV time.
24. Find some quiet time for myself. PShaaaaaaa-RIGHT!
25. Talk with my husband numerous times per day. Cuz we like to OK.
26. Schedule appointments.
27. Check Facebook- HELLO-who doesn't like to stay tuned into the 21st century!
28. Vacuum.
29. Try to find lost items probably stuffed away in my bedroom.
30. Do crafts with Leighton.
31. ATTEMPT to do crafts with Chase.
32. Feed kids a snack.
33. Clean up snack messes.
34. Schedule and complete regular play dates. (i need more of these!)
35. plan supper
36. Realize there is nothing that makes a full meal.
37. Cry a little bit inside.
38. Load the kids up in the van.
39. Head to the store to pick up just tonights supper because I didn't find time to plan my meals yet! Hello, I was BUSY!
40. Drop off some money in the bank. Amen to that sister!
41. Wish that the post office had a drive-through.
42. Call Derrick and ask him why post offices don't make drive-throughs where you can buy stamps.
43. Go home.
44. Cook supper.
45. Clean the gigantic supper mess.
46. Have some good ole fashion family time.
47. Tuck kids into bed with a few stories, kisses and prayer and one bottle of milk for Chase-man. (i know, he's too old to take a bottle of milk to bed-i know)
48. Go upstairs and look at the toys that I forgot to have the boys help me pick up.
49. Pick them up.
50. Talk to my husband.
51. Eat snack. With husband.
52. Watch a show.With husband.
53. Back to the computer to work.
54. Pray.
55. Sleep.
56. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Is anyone tired reading that list!!! Ok so not all of it needs to happen every day but alot of it does. Do any of you moms out there relate to this? Isn't this like A LOT!!!!

I'm totally not complaining.

Anyway, isn't it all worth it? Lake-soaked sandy swim diaper chubby leg pictures of your baby in the sand makes it all worth it.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


brooke rene' said...

Just to be a smart aleck but, you could've got some of those things done on your list if you would've skipped the blog. ;)

Elizabeth B said...

I love the one about getting Chase down for a nap and making sure he knows he's special! :)

Cassie said...

I feel your pain, except for the blogging and editing mirabella pictures part.. I cant even keep up with my own editing! oh and the craft part...that does not happen on a daily basis around here! I cant wait to see more of your adorable summer pics!

Shannon Joy said...

brooke-i loved you comment! haaaaa. but...i did the blog at 1:30am in the morning so i wouldn't have been much good at all the other tasks that late at night.
cass-i so don't do a craft daily! i would like to but that's the point-i need a schedule!

Lindsay said...

Yes, totally worth it. MOST days, anyway. ;-) Not to mention, totally exhausting. ESPECIALLY the running into the post office part. Ugh. If you mail priority you can do it online, which is nice.