Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leighton + Taneah

During this Labor Day weekend, as we spend time with our families and get to
watch all the cousins play together, I am reminded of a sweet morning back in May
when Leighton and Taneah had a morning playdate.

These two are so sweet together. I love watching them be friends. Best friends.

Here's to a Happy Labor Day to you all!

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Valerie said...

AHHHH, what a couple of sweeties! I thought it would make your heart smile to know that tonight when we said our prayer, we needed to keep it quick, b/c it was getting late. So I said they could thank God for 2 things, Taneah says, "Thank God for Shannon and Leighton and Derrick." So she doesn't know her numbers, but she knows who to be thankful for!