Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not normal.......fargo momblogtographer

One day..........

I heard this. Coming from my bedroom.

That would be chase crying. (as shown by a brightly lit up baby monitor) which sits right next to our bed. derrick's side. one in which maverick frequently frequents when derrick is at work.

After a few minutes, I walked into my bedroom to get something.

And I see this.

This would be our dog. If we can even call him that. Plugging his ears. Which happen to be situated very closely to the edge of the bed which happens to be situated very close to the baby monitor.

Normally, if you have a normal dog that is. One might think if you walked in the room and just happened upon this funny scene that your normal dog would wake up and jump off the bed. Or at least roll over.

But not this dog. Not our dog. He's a special one. He stays firmly planted, plugging his ears while I have myself a little photoshoot of him. Plugging his ears. To the sound of Chase crying.

Now that my friends, is NOT normal.

Chase eventually stopped crying and went back to sleep. By the way.


Lindsay said...

Too, too hilarious. Seriously. Funny. I'm sure that's what my dog would like to do as well, but she's not that, um, smart?! :-)

Shannon Joy said...

Well Linds, perhaps we should get those two together. I'm sure they would have some pretty interesting stories about being ridden, chased by plastic golf clubs, ears pulled, drooled on....what have you, by the children.