Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Diamonds

I really despise winter this year. Most years I just despise the bitter cold and icy roads part. Not the totality of winter. Like, there are usually some bright spots. And the snow can be fun if you let it.

This year though, I'm not gonna let it. Nope, not me. Me and winter are at odds.

Running around throwing snowballs and frolicking may look cute in a magazine article or something. But not in my yard. Not this year.

This year is different. This year my winter is characterized by achy joints and sore muscles and a big ole still swollen toe. Bleck!

I'm pretty sure though that after winter, it's all gonna go away. Just as fast as it came.

And then the winter of 2010 will forever be repressed in my memory. Only the bad parts that is. Like, the cute parts where my children are involved I will totally remember. But to the rest I will say Sianaira memories!

That being said. And as much as I hate it. I guess it is kinda pretty sometimes.
Snow diamonds are fairly cool. So I gave it two pictures.

Two pictures, Winter! Did you hear me? That's it, that's all your gettin from me! Now quit sending cold fronts that whack out my joints and get on the road so we can welcome the much
more welcomed season.

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