Wednesday, November 4, 2009

little Boys, big Love and a Latte #3

Breaking up is hard to do.....

Dear Frosting (and all other white products littered with TransFats),

We have to break up now. For now, we shouldn't be around each other.
Maybe later, I will be able to be in the same room with you and even
have a small bite conversation.

Until then,


Perhaps you are wondering why oh why is this crazy woman writing a "dear john" letter to frosting? It is likely that you are not alone.

It goes like this.

A few months ago, I injured my toe jumping off my counter top, landing on the corner of our pulled out tupeerware drawer. Yowza-that hurt. Well, after dancing around the living in pain, I walked it off and went on my merry, child-wrangling way.

It was an off and on pain that eventually led me to a limping,gimping state of way.
We tried a walking boot to no avail. Then the limping and gimping led to hip pain, followed by lower left back pain. Stabbing pain at times. After sitting for an extended period of time (which luckily i don't do too often) or sleeping, my hip and back end up in a lot of pain. It does walk off's quite pesky. So, all of this has haphazzardly led us to my next problem. Some type of an arthritis afflicting random joints through my body off and on. Do you remember when
this happened to me 2 summers ago? Myself and my chiropractor think the joint achy-ness is related to my iritis. And instead of pumping my body full of steriods (a no-no for nursing mommys) I am opting for the more natural and much less fun route.

Less fun as in get rid of all the trans fats from your diet. Bu-bye white-starchy-sugary goodness.
Throw in some high doses of antioxidants, fish oils, vitamin D, not to mention my regular mulit-vitamin and we have ourselves a healthy/healing little cocktail. Mommy has been cooking a little healthier and even Leighton is taking Fish Oil Gummies just cuz they are so darn good for us!

Next on the list is to get back into yoga. And as you may remember here I have a pretty darn cute little yoga partner to workout with!

So, that's me.

Still limping, still gimping, still going. Still getting tackled by Leighton. Still getting puked on by Chase. Still loving my life.

Good-bye frosting. I will miss you.


Melissa said...

Still loving your blog....

Shannon Joy said...

thanks melis...our phone call tonight really cheered me up. i love our friendship so much! we pick it up like we see each other every day!