Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekly Womb #31

This week in the Weekly Womb we have a guest poster to tell you about what's happening with the baby this week.

This was the first time I have brought Leighton to the baby's doctor appointment and he did a great job. I told him the night before and all morning before we went he kept saying "ya-te take baby doctow"

leighton translation: "leighton take baby to the doctor"

On the way there, I told him we were going to hear the baby's heartbeat and when we were registering the lady asked him if he was going to the doctor. She was quite suprised when he corrected her and said, "baby hawtbeat".

He got to watch the doctor measure my belly and even got his own measuring tape.
Much to my suprise, my belly measured just a little bit small but nothing to be worried about.

So.....the moral of that story is....bring on the swiss cake rolls!

Babycenter tells me the baby measures just over 16 inches and is 3.3lbs this week. AND is heading into a growth spurt. Which is totally cool for the baby and all. But I'm really running out of room here. They also tell me that the baby is "plumping out" and may be really starting to move alot, making mom uncomfortable.........

.........(tap,tap,tap) "hello, babycenter, is this thing on? you're about a month and a half behind on that prediction!".

In fact, I'm pretty certain that I won't be giving birth to a delicate little newborn at all.

A mini sumo-wrestler seems much more appropriate.

Here's to 9 more weeks............


Gamma and Gampa said...

Leighton, you are going to be such a sweet big brother, you are already as sweet as can be. Gamma and Gampa H love you lots.
Shannon, Love to keep up with your updates and pictures. Aaron's family pics turned out well.

HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Love it! I love the (tap, tap, tap) part...very cute. Good job Leighton...maybe he's a Dr. in training!?! :)

Lindsay said...

Perhpas our two babies can wrestle each other when they emerge. Seriously - I think mine is trying to poke a hole in his water bag to escape! Yoi.