Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekly Womb #28

The baby is up and in full-swing tonight. Literally, I mean tonight. And by tonight, really what I mean is this morning. Because it's 4am! This has become quite a habit for me and the little one to be up and awake at these odd hours. Luckily, I do get a lot of my "work" done during this time. Whether we are talking about my "work work", my "photography work", or my "blog work" depends on the night. Derrick told me that one of these mornings when I'm up he thinks it would be a better use of my time to make him a fresh loaf of bread or something for when he wakes up..........HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Good one honey. Good one!

Regardless of what I do with my insomniac theatre hours, it is a nice bonus to feel the little acrobat flipping, turning, spinning, JABBING, kicking........what have you.

Onto the fun part. The baby. Which by the way, I am pretty excited about! Like I wasn't already. But... we had our Mops Spring Tea last night and my DGL (Discussion Group Leader) is having her baby on Thursday. Like in a day! Can you imagine? I wish it was July and I was having my baby in a day! But on the same token, I am really excited about a fun summer with Leighton, Derrick and Maverick so I don't think I'm going to freak out too much this time. Remember I said, "too much". There is a high probability there will be some form of "prego freaking" going on.

Oh yeah, back to the babe. Or my little womb dweller as I like to lovingly refer to him or her. Whom so adorably grew some eyelashes during this past week. Which I find totally exciting and I soooo can't wait to take a photo of those little lashes in just a few short months. In the size department,baby is up to 2 and 1/4 lbs and 15 inches long this week. Which BabyCenter tells me is roughly the size of a Chinese Cabbage as seen here:

I thought I would be nice and post a picture for you all since I wasn't really sure what they meant by "chinese cabbage". This makes more sense now. Doesn't it sorta resemble a baby this time? I mean really, on week 26, Babycenter compared baby's size to an English Hothouse Cucumber as seen here:

I mean, really. Which one would you rather swaddle up and carry around with you?

My point exactly.


SweetPea said...

You make me laugh!

Shannon Joy said...

Well really, I would much rather swaddle up the cabbage than that lanky looking cucumber!